Anita Dongre Grassroot

Positioning, Rebranding, Campaign, Social Media, Website Design.

Because we believe that design has a purpose

Pulp was privileged to be called by Anita Dongre for a meeting. An iconic brand by an inspiring lady, we were really excited and grateful for the acknowledgement.

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Anita Dongre liked the work Pulp had done for Cottonworld and immediately asked her CEO to give us a call for a meeting. It was our lucky day.

Pulp was given an overview of a brand that is close to heart - Grassroot. We were asked to reposition it. Bring in a fresh perspective, find it’s truth.

Brewed and handmade with love

Pulp got working straight away, several sessions at the factory, with stakeholders and with the ever passionate Anita Dongre, who has a single minded focus on empowering local artisans and their craft. And, after endless sessions of single origin coffee at our office (made with aeropress), we knew how this beautiful initiative by Anita Dongre needed to be positioned.

Design that impacts lives

Pulp merely had to narrate the story, the real story. Driven by a wonderful initiative to support local artisans and forgotten traditions, Anita Dongre is keeping a part of heritage alive. And, we at Pulp had to weave a story around this story inspired by true events.

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Grassroot by Anita Dongre is design beyond fashion. Grassroots is not just clothes. It's a movement.


Design that looks good. Feels good. And does good. It is where design impacts lives.