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It’s not what you do but what you stand for

It all started with the first campaign, when Pulp was asked to work on the launch of Salman Khan’s Being Human Clothing. This was a great and very challenging opportunity for us. Here is a launch of a clothing brand but with a unique difference.

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A clothing line with a heart is born

How is it that we marry the values of Being Human, the foundation, with that of Being Human Clothing and the iconic Salman Khan. We started by creating a value system - a deep rooted value system based on human values of Love, Care, Share, Hope, Joy, Respect - all coming out of the work the Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation does everyday. And, then we manifested these values.

Over the years Pulp has planned everything around ‘A clothing line with a heart’ and its larger purpose, telling stories of people making a difference, changing lives.

The heart is there for a reason.

To add music to life.

To make life a colourful piece of art.

To add poetry to life.

To make life nothing but a celebration.

We transact and do business with our minds, but we should live with our hearts.

The fulfilment, the satisfaction, the love, the juice of life is when we start living with all our heart…Life begins only when we live with all your heart.

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Care is more than just an instruction on our label.


Being Human starts with you first.